How to make an appointment:

  • Click on“Curbside Pick-up Spaces” to the right
  • Select a date and time. To see available appointments, select "Next Available."
  • Select time and click "Submit Time."
  • Complete the form with your contact information and library card number. If you are picking up material for family members, enter family member name and library card.
  • If you have a hotspot reserved, add "hotspot pickup" in the Note field.

Follow these instructions once you arrive at the library: 

  • Arrive within the 10 minute window you selected. 
  • You may not be able to pick up your materials if you arrive before or after your appointment. 
  • Pull into a labeled Curbside Pick-up parking space, and call (650)441-0869.
  • If none of the parking spaces are available, park your car and walk to the walk up space.
  • Tell us your spot number, your last name, and type and color of car and we will deliver your items and place them in your trunk or in front of you at the walk up space.


Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pick-up Hours

Curbside Pick-up Hours

Monday | No curbside pickup available
Tuesday | 3pm-7pm
Wednesday | 3pm-7pm
Thursday | 10am-2pm
Friday | 10am-2pm
Saturday | 10am-2pm
Sunday | No curbside pickup available

Questions? or (650) 780-7018

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